Overview - NFTWiki Consensus Universe

NFTWiki Consensus Universe is a hyperverse combining real world NFT arts, social NFT reviewing platform and blockchain games. NFTK token is the main currency used here.
Consensus plays a vital role in the cryptocurrency and smart contract world. Same goes for NFTs. Therefore, the NFTWiki Consensus Universe is created.
The is a parallel universe only accessible via the wormhole on blockchain. It was a dark and deserted space when our predecessors first arrived. Settlement base has been constructed and now it’s time for the bravest explorers, such as you, to start your adventure.
There are one million mysterious habitants called ILLUMINION (ERC1155 NFT) living in this universe. They consume Consensus Energy, which is generated from NFT art works of the human world, and yield NFTK tokens as rewards. It’s our responsibility to generate as much Consensus Energy as possible, to light up the universe, and give them abundant energy to live properly. In short, the illumination of Consensus brings liveliness for the illuminions, and NFTK rewards for us.
So what is Consensus Energy?
Basically, it all comes from NFT arts. There are two ways to have consensus power:
  • Price Consensus: which is the sold price of one NFT work. Changes of price affect the strength of power dynamically
  • Opinion Consensus: people’s opinion and reviews of one NFT work. The more comments/likes it receives, the more energy this NFT generates
How can you make more energy?
  • Construct Illuminators to radiate energy on your Consensus Planet, powered by NFT art chips of your choice. You can create a power chip out of any NFT works, from Punks to Apes. Or play Consensus games such as NFT blindbox in Illumination Centre.
  • Share your opinion and reviews on NFT works in Consensus Base, which generates energy for illuminions nearby.
In conclusion, is a hyperverse combining real world NFT arts, social reviewing platform and blockchain games. The main goals of NFTWiki are:
  • Let more people have access easily to NFT arts and collections across platforms and blockchains
  • Give normal people power to review and appreciate NFT works, let their voices be heard. Create the largest NFT consensus database (decentralized eventually)
  • Everyone can benefit from consensus contribution
  • Connect everything with playable blockchain games, create the ‘Hyperverse’ and let it grow
Welcome to the Consensus Universe!