NFTK Token

NFTWiki Token - NFTK, is the only circulated currency in the game. 2.1 billion on hard cap.

  • 10% for the project team, with 4 year vesting period. Unlocking 1.25% every twice a year

  • DAO holds 30% of token, which is minted upon the deployment of the token contract

  • The rest of 60% of token can only be minted by illuminions

Proposed usage by DAO (30%) DAO controls 30% of the overal token to governant the whole ecosystem.

Proposed usage of this fund :

  • 10% for liquidity pool on DEXes

  • 3% for liquidity pool farming reward program

  • 2% for NFTK staking reward program

  • 2% for staking campaign with other partners

  • 5% for NFT Owner Claim program

  • 1% for airdrops and referral rewards for early NFTWiki users

  • 7% as reserved fund of DAO for future uses

Apparently, the purpose of this proposal is to:

  1. Achieve fair distribution of token

  2. Make sure as many contributors to the ecosystem as possible receive NFTK, maximising decentralisation

More explanation on illuminion yields (60%)

On average, each normal state illuminion (non-hibernate mode) produces 1 NFTK token every earth day.

Technically speaking, NFTK token is minted by Ethereum blocks. One normal state illuminion produces 0.00016 NFTK token from every Ethereum block. And that is approximately 1 NFTK if there are 6,250 Ethereum blocks produced in one earth day.

Meanwhile, due to the infinite expansion of the consensus universe, the yield of illuminion decreases slowly. Specifically, they produce 20% less NFTK after every 2.3 million Ethereum blocks (roughly one Earth year). So daily yields for one illuminion is approximately 1 NFTK in year 1, 0.8 NFTK in year 2 and 0.64 NFTK in year 3 and so on.

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