Consensus Base

Entry :

The largest human made facility on Consensus One, Consensus Base aggregates NFT works from all mojar NFT minting/trading platforms. And players view and review NFT works here, on which they generate enough power to light up the area, feed 240,000 Illuminion nearby with consensus energy.

There are tens of thousands of contributors doing reviews and comments on NFT works everyday, selflessly and with passion and love. They produce enough energy to keep the liveliness of little Illuminions. However, more people and more energy is needed.

There are approximately 240,000 NFTK tokens produced by illuminions nearby, in one earth day. These tokens are distributed by the amount of contribution made by participants, calculated hourly.

Base Level & Influencer

Players have different base levels, ranging from level 1 to 100. When one reaches level 10, he/she is granted with the ‘Influencer’ role, which gives rights to upvote/downvote reviews from others. Base level determines the weighting of players in terms of token distribution. You can find the detailed and latest guideline from the NFTWiki blog.

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