Consensus Planet NFT - governance token

There are totally 10,000 consensus planets in the unverse. Players can acquire sovereignty on the first 5,000 planets, with a moderate cost. The rest of the 5,000 planets are released strictly by the descision made by DAO.

There is a 5% royalty fee imposed on Planet transaction/trading. The royalty fee is managed by DAO treasury.

Consensus Planet NFT plays a vital role in the overal ecosystem of

  • It is a unique NFT art work, generated by algorithm

  • Prove of identity on

  • Basic yields of NFTK token

  • Ownership of a number of illuminion NFT

  • Entry pass of future games and challenges (exploration, development and quests)

  • Prove of the DAO membership

  • Privilege of receiving airdrops and awards in future


The NFTWiki Decentralized Autonomous Organizaiton (DAO) consists of all planet owners. The project team transfers the ownership of DAO wallet to a formal multiSig wallet as soon as there are enough number of planet owners (greater than 1,000). Responsibilities of DAO include but not limited to:

  • Manage DAO treasury

  • Vote and manage the DAO committee, which consists of active and influrential DAO members (less than 50). DAO committee members control the actual multi-signature wallet of DAO

  • Manage Liquidity Farming and Staking programme

  • Conduct critical activities such as NFTK token burning etc.

  • Audit the daily NFTK token distribution ledger

  • Manage the royalty fee collected from Planet NFT tradings

  • Modify and review game rules and whitepaper

DAO Proposal

process Proposal and voting will be held on

  • Any DAO member with no less than 3 planet NFTs can lodge proposal directly on, and DAO arranges members to vote;

  • Any DAO member with less than 3 planet NFTs can post proposal on discord ‘Proposal’ channel. And DAO starts the formal proposal process once there are enough number of supports by other DAO members on discord.

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