Ilumination Centre

The second facility on Consensus One, The Illumination Centre is created to give all players access to various consensus games. The intriguing part of this hyperverse is that everyone can play NFT games and get rewarded.

Create a NFT mirror from any existing NFT art you like or hate, and use it to play, bet or combat. Consensus is developed by playing games, using NFT works.

The first game - ‘Illumini’

A simple NFT blind box game. Players open blind box, which contains a randomly selected mirrored copy of existing NFT, which is categorized into 5 different rarities based on price and its reviews. Player decides to either get recycled back, or insert it into the Illumini device to generate energy and yield. More information will be published upon release.

More games are being designed and developed. Our intention is to let everyone be able to get familiar with NFT works, simply by playing consensus games, furthermore, they can earn rewards by playing wisely and competitively.

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