NFT Owner Claim Programme

In order to allow more creators or owners of NFT works to join the NFTWiki consensus universe and achieve the greatest possible decentralization of NFTK token, we launched the NFT Owner Claim program. NFT creators or owners who meet the following conditions can receive NFTK airdrop:

  • The ETH wallet is the creator of the NFT work, or the current owner

  • Price consensus: The NFT work has been traded, and the transaction price is not less than 0.1ETH

  • Opinion consensus: The NFT work is listed on NFTWiki and has a consensus score of not less than 1

  • The NFT work has not been claimed by the owner claim award

In other words, as long as it is a work that meets the value consensus + appreciation consensus, the creator or the current owner can receive a certain amount of NFTK coins. The number of receipts will be announced after the start of the plan, which is mainly determined by two factors:

  • The latest transaction price of the work ETH, which accounts for 50% of the weight

  • The consensus score of the work on NFTWiki, which accounts for 50% of the weight

The consensus score is calculated by the upvote, comment, share and number of presentations of the work. The specific calculation rules will be announced later.

After the creator or owner confirms the receipt, DAO will conduct batch mint and airdrop according to the changes in the GAS price.

Note: Each NFT work that meets the regulations can only be airdropped once by the creator or current owner.

The detailed rules will be more fully announced and explained before the start of the event.

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