Consensus Planet

There are totally 10,000 consensus planets in this dark and deserted universe. The first 5,000 planets have been identified, they are closer to our base. Players need to buy passes to acquire sovereignty.

Every Planet is a ERC-721 NFT, from the blockchain perspective.

Therefore every single planet is unique, its properties include:

  • A randomly generated name

  • 3-dimensional coordinates. Distance between planets will be used in future games

  • A unique space view picture

  • Level of the planet (determines the illuminator limit and capacity for illuminion habitant)

  • Planet type (feature used in future games)

  • Initial illuminion habitants (a number of randomly minted illuminion NFT)

  • A random seed for your planetary map (used in future map contract)

For Planet Owners, there are basic yields produced by illuminion habitants on their planets.

Furthermore, they can build the Illuminiator - a giant Consensus Energy radiation device, to attract more illuminions from outer space, to collect more NFTK yields.

They can participate in many other activities and gain more rewards in future:

  • Upgrade their planets: initial level can only accommodate 10 illuminators and 200 illuminion habitants. Planet owners must upgrade to increase the capacity

  • Exploration: a random map will be generated using planet seed. Planet owners can explore their territories, which are completely generated by a smart contract. Therefore everything is unknown and there would be countless treasures waiting to be unveiled

  • Defend their planets from pillage by space pirates and other planet owners

  • Organize and train your own force in order to conquer or plunder others.

More about illuminator

Illuninator is a giant consensus energy radiation device, powered by chips made from NFT works. Illuminiators can only be installed on consensus planets. The device radiates large amounts of energy and attracts Illuminion nomads from space, therefore more NFTK yields are collected.

Planet owners create chips with mirrored NFT from the real world. It is up to planet owners to choose which NFT to mirror. E.g. a punk, an ape, a NFT art with good potential value or a NFT work with price speculation.

The daily strength of consensus power of an illuminator is determined by following factors of the NFT chip:

  • Latest sold price of the NFT: higher price means greater strength

  • Elapsed days from the last sale: power decreases slightly each day

  • Consensus score from the Base: higher score gives more buffer on power

  • Real-time trade: for a given NFT chip, a new sale/trade with higher price dramatically boosts the strength of power. And the elapsed day is reset.

It cost planet owners a number of NFTK tokens to make NFT chips, the amount if determined by:

  • The latest price of the NFT

  • The number of chips already made from this NFT. The cost increases gradually as more chips are made.

In summary, the daily distribution of the NFTK token is calculated by the power strength of all the planets. A wise planet owner would choose NFT works with great potential value, and generate more power to achieve greater yields. Just keep in mind that the total number of illuminion nomads is fixed.

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