There are one million mysterious habitants called ILLUMINION (ERC1155 NFT) living in this universe. So far we have identified 5 species (40 subspecies). They are Droid, Aves, Monster, Meow and Doge. And there are subspecies within each species, with various rarities and traits.
All of them consume Consensus Energy, which is generated from NFT art works of the human world, and yield NFTK tokens as rewards. On average, each illuminion generates 1 NFTK token every earth day. But they switch to hibernate mode if there is a lack of Consensus Energy, with no yield of NFTK.
There are 240,000 illuminions living on the biggest planet - Consensus ONE. Their habitat is close to the Consensus Base, which radiates enough power to illuminate the land and feed them with energy. The rest of the 760,000 illuminions spread across many Consensus Planets and some of them are nomads in the vast dark space, attracted by illumination.
Players generate Consensus Energy to illuminate the territory, in order to attract more illuminions, which produce NFTK tokens for players to collect.